At Woodland Trumpets we are passionate about the positive effects gardening, gardens and nature as a whole can have upon an individual’s wellbeing and their wider environment. Aside from making our gardens and landscapes  more interesting and beautiful, gardening has been found to have the following positive effects on both ourselves and the world on which we live:


Gardening and simply having your hands in the soil can benefit mental health and help to alleviate depression and reduce stress. Growing your own not only supports healthy organic eating, it also helps to lower your carbon footprint – grow or  buy local! Gardening is great exercise which develops core strength and improves overall fitness levels.


In order to promote the benefits of gardening we provide horticultural therapy to older individuals at home and those in care as well as educational sessions to primary school children. Equipping children with skills from an early age will help to foster a life long love of gardening and nature; which grounds individuals, supports communities and maintains Britain’s international standing as a nation of gardeners.